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Accessories and others

Snow chains, roof-rack, ski-rack

Tool, jack, stickers


Bumpers, front spoiler etc

Dashboard, rear-view-mirror, center console etc.

Decorative exterior trim

Doors, locks and related

Fenders, quarters and structural sheetmetal

Front hood, rear engine cover


Interior linings

Seat belts



Ventilation: a/c, compressors/condenser, controls, blowers

Electrical equipment

Battery, alternator, harnesses

Control mechanism for heating

Electrical equipment-engine, ignition, cd unit

Headlamps, lights front and rear

Instruments, gauges

Steering lock, switches, horn, interior lights

Wiper system: motor, linkage, pump, tank


Air cooling: fan, alt ring, alt, engine tin

Air injection, pump, lines, blower

Crankshaft, rods, flywheel, pulley, pistons

Cylinder head, camshaft, valve control

Engine lubrication: oil cooler, lines, tank, pump

Engine suspension

Mixture control unit, k-jetronic

Replacement engine, crankcase

Front Axle, Steering

Front axle, stabilizer bar, a-arm, cross beam

Shock absorber strut

Steering: gear, linkage, steering wheel and etc.

Fuel system, exhaust system

Exhaust system, turbo supercharger etc.

Fuel system: lines, pump, tank

Hand lever system, pedal system

Brake, clutch pedal system etc.

Control: transmission, handbrake, heating

Rear Axle

Rear axle, axle, control arm, hub, shocks, spring plate

Stabilizer bar, shocks


Clutch and clutch release


Gear sets

Replacement transmission, transmission case etc.

Shift rods, forks

Transmission suspension

Wheels and brakes

Fluid:resovoir, brake master cylinder, lines, fittings

Front: calipers, rotors, pads, hardware

Rear: calipers, rotors, pads, hardware, e brake